Illustrated Autumn Fashion

Do you ever look at your wardrobe and not see a single thing you like? This seems to happen to me on a regular basis and so I am constantly looking for fresh ways to update it. In the past I have gone for mostly plain, nicely-coloured clothes but recently I have been on the hunt for items with a bit more to them and that I hopefully won't get bored of quite so quickly. My aim is to inject more illustration and typography into my wardrobe with some new tees, totes, pins and patches. Here are a few which have caught my eye recently...

Wink T-shirt | £25 | French Connection

Ramen Enamel Pin | £9 | Amy Victoria Marsh

Bear Hug Enamel Pin | £7 | Old English Company

Safari Animals Tote Bag | £15 | James Barker Draws

"Comme Ci Comme Ca" T-shirt | £25 | French Connection

Dinosaur Skull Pin Badge | £7 | Vector That Fox

Crown Tote Bag | £5.99 | Paper Tigers Apparel

Monstera Pin Badge | £7.50 | Wrap Magazine

Frog Iron-On Patch | £5.50 | Jacqueline Colley

Lady Legs T-shirt | £25 | Risotto

Foliage Sweatshirt | £45 | Risotto

Gold Leopard Print | £8 | Jacqueline Colley