Homini Studio

Brought to life by Deborah and Dinorah Kaiser, Homini Studio was founded with two key principals in mind - simplicity and quality. Using their experience as designers and architects, the two women have created a brand with old fashioned ethics and contemporary style. 

The simplicity part of the part of the women’s concept is clear as soon as you see one of their designs. Strikingly simple, each piece with a single material formed into a sleek, geometric shape. This approach was arrived at with the idea that “once the unnecessary is eliminated, the necessary may speak” and is achieved not through stripping anything back but instead resisting the urge to overcomplicate. 

The quality part of the Homini ethos is less obvious to the naked eye but just as important to it’s founders. Each “uniquely imperfect” piece is handmade using only the highest quality (such as 18k Gold) to ensure their products are long lasting. Overall, Homini studio are determined to create pieces which don't just keep with current trends but, thanks to their everlasting beauty, never go out of style .