Hilda and the Stone Forest by Luke Pearson

Hilda and the Stone Forest is the latest instalment of Flying Eye Books' hugely successful Hilda series. This time, the adventure takes place in the Land of Trolls, a dark forest filled with secrets which everyone's favourite blue-haired heroine makes it her mission to uncover.

This time of year is made for wrapping up in a blanket and immersing yourself in a whole new world and what better place to escape to than a land illustrated by Luke Pearson? Although, it's worth warning you that the land of trolls sounds exciting, a day trip is no walk in the park as danger lurks around every corner in all manner of odd forms. During her adventure, Hilda manages to come across a sting of monster including two-headed trolls and giant white blobs, all of which seems exciting for Hilda but terrifying for her poor mother who as ever acts as her faithful (if a little worrisome) companion.

One thing I particularly love about this latest Hilda book, is it's Autumnal colour scheme. Stoney greats and earthy browns are accompanied by fiery oranges and deep burgundies, all off set by that iconic blue hair. The land of trolls may be deadly but it sure is pretty.

Many more visual highlights come from the way the pages are composed. As well as the Hilda series, Luke has worked a on the TV series Adventure Time and this has gifted him the creative confidence to play around with the comic book format. Pages packed with panels play out fast faced actions scenes whilst full-page, wordless visuals slow things down and give the reader the opportunity to have a look around and appreciate the full beauty of the world Luke has created.

Good news for Hilda fans is she has landed her own Netflix series which will air in 2018. Until then, fans, young and old, will just have to keep collecting the ever-expanding series of book. The Stone Forest ends with a sneak peak of Hilda's next adventure. It looks as bizarre and brilliant as ever and I can't wait for it's release!

You can order a copy of Hilda and the Stone Forest here.

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