Hello Barcelona!

Today I am finally getting round to properly writing about something I have been doing for an entire month now - living in Barcelona! I am now 1 month in to a 2 month stay in Barcelona and feeling very lucky to be able to call this beautiful bohemian city my temporary home. So why am I in Barcelona? The short answer is "I'm here for an adventure!". The slightly longer answer is, I have come to Barcelona with a few creative friends for a couple of months dedicated to writing, designing, blogging and generally being creative!

Now I know the title of this post is a little misleading as I actually said hello to Barcelona a month ago however "I forgot to blog about an incredibly inspiring trip for an entire month, sorry!" would have been a more honest but far less catchy title. Better late than never though, right? Here are few of my design related (I could talk about the food and drink here all day but will resist the urge) highlights from my trip so far...

The Architecture

Every corner you turn in Barcelona, you are faced with a fresh visual feast of stunningly coloured and inticately detailed architecture. Each street presents a rainbow of pastel hued walls, engraved with intricate patterns and embellished with balconies containing everything from cacti to bikes. The architecture is particularly noteworthy in the older parts of town like the Gothic Quarter which is the perfect part of town to take a wander and get lost in - a pass time I have taken part in by accident many times.

The Ceilings

I'll admit that not every ceiling in Barcelona looks like this but even just having one in a city feels like enough. I spotted this one at an art gallery (the name of which I can't remember right now) and, to be honest, just wanted to include it in this round-up as getting this shot took a lot of camera trickery which I am pretty proud of.

The Sunsets

Obviously I had seen a sunset before in my life but - and maybe this is my rose-tinted tourist's view - but they seem much more noteworthy here. Everyday conjures up a new palette of blues, pinks and yellows and I am attempting to document as many as I can to use swatches of in future design projects. I hear the sunrises are equally beautiful but I haven't managed to wake up in time to see any yet -there's still time though!


The Street Art

Barcelona seems to be a city without a single moment - or a dull wall. If the wall itself isn't particularly noteworthy, chances are someone will have spray painted a conversation starter on top of it. From incredibly detailed portraits to bold geometric designs, the variety of artworks makes the streets feel like the most diverse exhibition you have ever visited. And as you start to notice multiple designs clearly by the same artist, it is fun to spot more and more of their work popping up around the city.

The Beach Art

The most surprising creative activity I have witnessed since coming to Barcelona has been the beautiful sand sculptures I have seen being built on the beach. I had never seen anything like this before and the level of skill and precision that goes in to bringing one of the designs to life is incredible.

The Festivals

My favourite festival so far (and there has been several) was the Santa Emelia festival which was celebrated by an array of free light-themed exhibits dotted all across the city. From giant light up cubes to colourful animations projected on historic buildings, gardens filled with metres of thin white fabric hanging from the sky to streets filled with light-paintings - each exhibition was more spectacular than the last. I would have been quite happy if this festival had lasted our entire stay as that would have been the only way for me to fully document all the amazing creativity I witnessed.

So there you have it - some of inspirational sights my lucky little eyes have witness over the last 4 weeks. One of my main goals whilst here was to get into better creative habits and it is one I am slowly but surely achieving. This post was more of a whistle-stop tour of my highlights but there are many more in-depth posts coming very soon so stay tuned for lots more Barcelona blogging!