Happy new year! In traditional blogger style, today I will be setting out some goals for the year ahead. At the beginning of 2018 I remember saying that if I was at the same place in my life when the year ended I would be pretty happy. Currently, my life is just about the same as it was a year ago and I am perfectly fine with that. Going in to 2019 however, I am feeling a little different. 2018 has set me up to enter this year with a long list of goals and to feel like I can actually achieve them. So, without further ado, in 2019 I would like to…

Work As An Illustrator

As I have discussed recently, I am finally feeling confident enough to invest a lot more in my own creative work. Part of this investment in 2019 will involve actively looking for freelance illustration work. This scares me in a lot of ways but I have to start some day and am determined for that day to be before I graduate. I’m slowly adapting my mindset to believe that it’s better to try and fail that not to try at all so here we go.

Open An Online Store

This particular goal has been on my mind for quite a while. I have actually sold the odd thing here and there but never committed to having a permanent store online. I’ve decided to be sensible and start small with a limited selection of prints and build my little shop from there. I know post-Christmas is a funny time to launch even the tiniest business but I need to get this done so the Headless Shop will be launching late January.


Write About Whats Important To Me

This goal has 2 parts to it. Firstly, I want to write and illustrate real stories which I feel are important to share. I did a bit of this last semester at art school and found it to be my most challenging and rewarding project to work on. I want to tell both more of other peoples’ tales and parts of my own story. The second part of this goals relates to blogging. On Headless Happening - and perhaps on some other blogs too, as I have in the past - I want to cover topics which are important to me. Last year I touched briefly on LGBT issues and mental health within my writing but in 2019 I want to delve a lot deeper into both these subjects as well as many more.


Work by Jean Jullien

Learn 10 New Creative Skills

I am mindful of the fact that I am half way through my art school experience right not and I want to make the most of the time I have left. Over the next semester especially - as it is the last one before I enter my final year - I want to focus on learning lots of new skills. Ceramic art in particular is something which has intrigued me for quite some time so I need to finally give it a go. My plan is to make a list of the new skills I learn at the end of 2019 and I hope to have at least 10 items on it.


Read 12 Books

12 books isn’t a huge amount I know but seen as I didn’t read any in 2018, I think it is a good goal to set. By “books” in this case I mean novels as I read plenty picture books and graphic novels but no fiction of the wordier variety. I write a lot and so it seems odd even to me that I barely read at all. I’m sure lots of people will relate to how it is just so much easier to put Netflix on than pick up a book and whilst I do enjoy reading I am simply out of the habit. One book a month sounds more than doable this year. Maybe in 2020 I will up my goal to something a bit more impressive. 


Illustration by Ashley Le Quere

Travel Abroad

Going on a holiday seems like a very privileged goal to include in this list but I don’t care. I have managed to go abroad at some point the last couple of years and I want to keep it up. Ideally, I would love to try some place new and soak up a culture I have never experienced before but lazing around in the sun in Spain again sounds pretty dreamy too. 

Tattoo design by Pokeeeeeeeoh

Get A Tattoo

This is another idea I have had for so long and need to actually just do. Ever since I went travelling at the beginning on 2017, I have had so many ideas for tattoos. Whether it is something which represents a memory like my time living in Barcelona or just a little symbol relating to my favourite animal (which is a reindeer incase you wondered), I need to stop talking about tattoos and finally get a bit of ink on my skin.


Illustration by Charlotte Trounce


Of all my goals for 2019, exercising fills me with the least excitement. It would obviously be good for me but I have never been one for sports or exercise in general and have never actually set foot inside a gym. This year however, I want to start exercising at least a little as I know both the physically and mental health benefits would be more than worth it. 

Illustration by Chia-Chi Yu

Exhibit My Work

In 2019, I want to exhibit my work somewhere. More specifically, I want to exhibit my work somewhere outside of art school. I have exhibited before as part of college and university projects and will be doing so again soon but above that, I want to do so off my own back. Whether that is as part of a group show or (a bolder so perhaps less likely idea) on my own, I am not sure yet but I have 12 whole months to work it out. 


Be Good At Instagram

My final goal is definitely the most millennial of all. In 2019, I want to be good at Instagram. I have 2 Instagram accounts - @headlessgreg for my design work and @headlesshappenings for all things blog related. Whilst I am happy with both grids’ aesthetics, I am so inconsistent and need to be sharing more often. I think the solution is to start properly planning my content so that is exactly what I am going to do. Social media is a key part of what I want to do so whilst this one might sound a bit silly, it is actually one of my top goals for 2019.

Looking at the list above, I an tentatively going to say that I think all 10 goals are achievable. None of them are wild and I have everything I need already in place to tick them all off the list. I guess it’s now just down to me to do so. I will see you at the end of 2019 to check in on how I get on!

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