Headless Happenings

You might have noticed I have been pretty quiet on the blog recently. This is because for the last few months, I have felt like there was something not quite right in the land of Headless Greg. I have finally realised what wasn’t working and am ready to put my plan to fix it into action. This post is kind of like a little bit of admin, explaining the thought process behind why I am reshuffling the website and giving the blog a new name. To explain fully, I think it best to go back to the very beginning when Headless Greg first began…


At the beginning of 2016, I needed a new creative output. My Confidence in my own creative abilities was pretty low at this point but I still needed something to make me feel part of the design world. So on the 20th of February 2016, Headless Greg was born. I launched the site simply so that I had a space to share the work of illustrators I admired. Before launching my own platform, I had written for different sites including the Ohh Deer blog and Inkygoodness and so content was very similar to the stuff I had been writing for them.

It’s now almost 3 years later and - unsurprisingly - lots has changed. My own taste in design, for one thing has changed quite a lot. Over the Summer, I realised the Headless Greg website was looking a little outdated. To remedy this, I gave the site a fresh new look which launched in early September. I love the new design of the site but since then I have realised that isn’t all that needs to change. The redesign was like a much needed face-lift however the real problems run a little deeper.


One of the biggest challenges for me personally over the past few years has been building my creative confidence back up. When I first started Headless Greg, I was feeling very down about my own creative talents and so I decided to focus solely on things other people had made. Since then, I have started studying illustration at DJCAD and my confidence has gone from strength to strength. Whilst I always want writing about other people’s work to be part of what I do, I am ready to invest a little more in my own creativity and make it my main focus.

So who exactly is Headless Greg? This might sound like an odd, slightly existential-crisisy question but it is one I have been asking myself a lot recently. Headless Greg has been the pseudonym I have used for my blogging work ever since I started this site. As my focus shifts however, I want to redefine the nickname and have Headless Greg be the name associated with all my own design work instead. So, if you want to keep up to date with my creative adventures, please follow @headlessgreg on Instagram.

The focus of this site as a whole now is my own design work, but what about the blog? After a bit of pondering over a new name, it finally came to me…


Welcome to Headless Happenings - a blog with a new name and fresh focus. The blog has been downsized slightly and is now it’s own little section of the Headless Greg site. Whilst slightly smaller in size, I am more excited than ever about the content I will be posting on Headless Happenings going forward.

The blog will now act as more of a design journal, giving a behind the scenes glimpse at my process as a creative. As the new name would suggest, I’ll be keeping you updated on all the latest happenings in the land of Headless Greg. Some of my favourites illustrators such as Fran Nerd, Sha’an d’Anthes and Jacqueline Colley run beautiful blogs sharing their process and my aim is to make this blog as inspiring as all of their’s are. As well as writing about myself a whole lot, I will also be sharing some less self-centred content about all those creatives I admire as usual. I also want to get my Instagram back on track so please do also give @headlesshappenings a follow.


These changes might not seem massive but they feel important to me. A few years ago, I would never have had the courage to share a drawing on Instagram, let alone have a website and blog dedicated to sharing my own creations. This new angle allows me to write and share content no one else will be creating and I am so excited to do so very soon. My blog break is over and I can’t wait to enter 2019 with everything in order to make it my most creative year yet.

So what's next for Headless Greg? And Headless Happenings for that matter? The short answer is lots! Now I finally feel I have everything in order, I have a ton of plans to keep the blog - and the site in general - regularly updated. The next chapter of Art Schooled will be out in the next couple of days, updating you on what I have been up to the past couple of months. Beyond that, I have lots of plans but (as I know I have a bad habit of talking about plans rather that actually doing them) you’ll have to wait and see exactly what they are!