Happy Blog-day to me!

Guess what! As of today, the Headless Greg blog is a whole year old! Yep, one year ago today I posted my very first article on headlessgreg.com and started my brand new blogging adventure. Before then, I had only ever written for other people's and so have since have many more exciting firsts as an independent blogger. To mark today's momentous occasion, I thought I'd round-up some of my favourite blogger firsts from year 1 of Headless Greg...

My first featured artist | Raymond Lemstra

As one of my favourite illustrators of all time, Raymond Lemstra was an obvious choice for my first artist to feature on the blog. Raymond's work transports you to a whole new realm, filled with oddly proportioned characters and it's a place I will never get bored of visiting.  

My first blog series | Papergang Unboxings

My Papergang unboxings have been the first posts to feature all of my own photography and so have been the most challenging and rewarding to create. I have temporarily cancelled my subscription whilst I am away in Barcelona but am already having withdrawal symptoms so will most likely be signed back up before too long.

The first photographs | Decorate For A Party

Another little photography milestone, this is the first review to feature photographs of the book I took myself. Getting everything aligned during the tiny window of daylight in Glasgow was tricky but I am pleased with the result as the colours compliments Holly and Leslie's gorgeous book.

The first interviewee | Briony May Smith

Briony May Smith stopped by in early March to have a chat about her new picturebook, Imedla and the Goblin King. With a contemporary aesthetic and traditional fairy tale charm, the book is well worth a read - and so is the interview.  

My first returning interviewee | Abi Overland

This might seem a little similar to the last one but before but I have actually now interviewed Abi Overland twice and was so chuffed to be able to get to share our second chat on my own site. Abi's illustrated homeware business has since come on leaps and bounds so hopefully we can have another catch-up interview soon. 


My first festive blog series | 12 Days Of Blogmas

I won't lie, getting to write as much Christmas related blog content as I wanted was a big motivation behind me starting my own blog and resulted in me writing a total of 14 Christmas-themed blog posts. Is it bad that I am already trying to think of ways to top it this year?

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me and my blog over the past year. Thank you to the publishers and brand who send me beautiful books and stationery to share, to everyone who has shared my content on social media and to all my creative friends for getting what I do and constantly inspiring and supporting me - it all means so much!

One year ago, I was working in a part-time job in a supermarket that I hated and had no clue what I was doing with my blogger or design work. Fast forward 12 months and I am currently 3 weeks in to a 2 month stay in Barcelona. I have a much better idea of what I want to do as a blogger and am getting back in to the swing of things as a creator too. I can't say having my own site has accounted for all of these changes but what it has definitely done is help me grow in confidence as a creative and that has probably been the most valuable change of all.

Headless Greg's first year has been an absolute beauty, here's to many, many more!