Goodbye Barcelona!

As you may have guessed from title, I have now said my goodbyes after spending 2 amazing months in the beautiful, bohemian city of Barcelona. I feel so lucky to have got to live in such a creative city for 2 entire months and can't wait to visit again one day. My main objective for the trip was to get into better creative habits which I have definitely done as I am now drawing, collaging, taking photos, writing and just generally creating on a much more regular basis - a habit I am determined to keep up when I am back in Glasgow!

The second month in Barcelona went way faster than the first but was filled with just as many design-related highlights....

5 copy.jpg

The Street Art Tour

On my last week in Barcelona I went on a free tour of the street art in Gracia where I saw so many amazing artworks including this "Frida's Selfie" piece by TV boy. I also learnt tonnes on the tour - including the difference between "street art" and "graffiti" and all about the different materials and techniques which are used - all of which I will be putting in a separate blog post soon.

The Picasso Museum

It wasn't until I visited the Picasso museum that I realised I am actually not a huge fan of a lot of his work. I think because it is all so iconic, I had just always assumed I did but turns out not so much. As it was the first Sunday of the month it was free and his clear progression in style gave me lots to think about so not a wasted afternoon by any means but I wont be rushing back.

The Greek Gardens

The Greek gardens (or Jardins del Teatre Grec) are basically a huge hilltop park filled with geometric hedges and gorgeously coloured blooms. The fact they oddly don't seem to feature on many online lists make the Greek gardens a tranquil spot to escape the noise of the busy city and enjoy the beautiful views such as the one above (captured not by me but by my god friend Aileen).


The Creative Surprises

In Barcelona, it seemed like round every corner there was an exciting new discovery waiting to surprise my eyes. For example this random but amazing octopus was drawn on a wall right next to where the photo of the Greek gardens was taken. I might need to try a little harder, but I am determined to uncover equally impressive burst of creativity around Glasgow when I am back!


The Flea Markets

The flea markets and second hand stores in Barcelona - especially in Raval where we stayed - were so good! My favourite purchase (there were admittedly quite a few) was this set of 3 A5 art prints which I got at a local flea market for just 10€. I stupidly forgot to get the name of the guy that created and sold them but if I ever come across his work again I be blogging the hell of it!

P3071033 copy.jpg

The Sunrises

The title for this highlights should actually probably "the sunrise" as we only actually managed to wake up early enough to see a sunrise once but it was a beauty! I was too exhausted to actually take that many pictures but I did get a couple of good ones. The real thing was so stunning it almost makes me want to start getting up at that time every day... almost.

The Sitges Carnaval

The entirety of Spain celebrate Carnaval but none do it quite like the town of Sitges (or so I am told). And entire week of colourful parades, outrageous costumes and an unfathomable amount of confetti takes places every year it the little seaside town. I know this photo (taken before the festivities and drinking began) looks very tame but it was actually a wild and exciting festival.

The Colours

My final highlight (like many of the others) is probably just because I was in a foreign city and everything was new to me but the colours in Barcelona just seemed to pop more! Choosing colours is the thing I struggle with most as a designer so I have started a little colour log to help me in future. I know Glasgow has some beautiful colours combos in it and I will be back to find them soon!

Overall, I am so happy with how much I got to see and experience in Barcelona - it was exactly the inspiration boost I needed! And my travels aren't over yet, in fact I am currently in France! I will be dotting around different French cities for the next couple of weeks until I head back to Glasgow to spend Easter with my family and get back to my real, semi-adult life. My first stop has been Montpellier which has already been so inspiring (turns out Montpellier's a great spot for street art too!) so I will have more artful highlights to share soon.

It was sad to leave Barcelona but I met too many amazing people and had too many amazing experiences not to visit again soon. For now though, goodbye Barcelona - you have been an absolute beauty!