French Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few artful highlights from my trip to France. I spent the first couple of weeks travelling around France, visiting Montpellier, Vioron, Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse and Carcassonne and along the way my lucky little eyes were treated to many colourful and inspiring sights. I really want to write about my time in both Spain and France and share more on the artists I found and things I learnt whilst away but for now (as it is already almost a month since I got home) here are a few of my things I miss about France...

The Stained glass

Until recently I was definitely of the "once you've seen one, you've seen them all mentality" when it came to cathedrals but amazing stained glass work like this has slowly won me round.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.55.43.png

The Rainbow Stairs

I spotted these rainbow stairs when we were wandering around Voiron. If I lived closer, I would make a point of walking up them at least once a day!

The Crazy Exhibitions

Taking place in Carré Sainte-Anne, a beautiful old church in Montpellier, Jonathan Reese's latest exhibition was both completely insane and utterly brilliant.

The Mountains

Grenoble was my favourite French city we visited thanks to it's gorgeous scenery. I don't think I would ever get bored of the odd juxtaposition of city buildings and beautiful mountains.

The Graphic Design

An pink bear with yellow wings and turquoise tentacles - what more could you ask for in a poster? Taking photos of good graphic design is a habit I am determined to keep up.

photo copy.jpg

The Painterly Leaves

These leaves look as though they belong in an art exhibition but I actually spotted them in a botanic garden centre in Lyon. Turns out mother nature is quite the painter.

The Bubble Ride

Not only did I get to tick something off my bucket list when I travelled in a cable car in Grenoble (they call them "bubbles") but I also got to take some fun birds eye photos.

The Photography Experiments

When I was in France, I was a classic tourist with a camera around my neck at all times and it encouraged me to play around a little which led to fun, texture-filled experiments like this one. 

I think what makes a trip away so inspiring isn't just seeing amazing sights but also just being in a different environment and so more open to looking out for things to be inspired by. As I lived in Glasgow my whole life, I have become used to just wandering around on autopilot and not appreciating the city and what it has to offer. I am determined to try and start seeing my home city through a tourist's eyes and and blogging about the amazing things I am sure I will find along the way.