February Favourites 2018

Just like pretty much the entire internet at the moment, my illustrated February Favourites is dominated by one thing - snow! I decided to mix things up a little bit with this month's illustration and simply illustrate a slightly eccentric Wintry scene...


Other than the snow, there have been lots of other highlights in my February including a design trend I have been loving, exciting projects I have been working on and a very special day for Headless Greg...



I won't lie, I do think that this frosty weather has come a few months too late. I would have loved it a whole lot more if all this snow had come when in the build up to Christmas but you can't have it all. And I have loved walking in thick snow every day and watching as Britain goes into complete meltdown just like it does any time we experience any weather. 


Enamel Pins

The enamel pin trend exploded into the fashion world in 2017 and has stayed strong into the new year. I have been building my own little collection recently which I am planning on blogging about once I have acquired a few more key pieces. I also wrote a wishlist post Inkygoodness rounding-up all of my favourite pins online which you can read here.


Under The Canopy

One of Flying Eye Books most recent releases, Under The Canopy, tells the fascinating tales of trees from across the world. Created by Cynthia Alonso’s, the illustrated book  explores the cultural significance that trees have in different societies. Full review of this and many other beautiful books are coming soon. 


Coral Pink

Perhaps inspired by Under The Canope's vibrant colour scheme, coral pink has been my favourite colour for February. I have been using lots in one art school project in particular which I will share more on soon. I also think it is a good colour for Spring - a season I am very ready for despite this Wintry weather.


The Bold Type

Being completely honest, I wasn't sold on The Bold Type at first. It seemed a little silly and some of the fashion in it is very questionable. I of course still binged the entire season and have grown to love it. It is kind of like Ugly Betty but with 3 main characters and no Wilhelmina Slater. The next season comes out in June and very I am excited already!


The Shape Of Water

With all the hype built up around it, I felt I had to see The Shape of Water just so that I could make my own opinion on it. I didn't personally love it as much as Three Billboards (last month's top movie pick) but I do see why there is so much love for it. The films aesthetic is stunning and in my opinion, the opening scene alone deserves an oscar. 


Editorial Illustration

For my most recent project at art school, things have picked up with pace a little. Our new editorial brief calls for us to complete entire illustrations in just a one day. At first, this seemed a little daunting but I have grown to love the challenge. As of yet, I don't feel I have a set illustrative style but I am beginning to develop one I can rely on which will certainly be handy in future.


My Blog-day

On the 20th of February, the Headless Greg blog turned 2 years old! Sadly, I had a big uni hand in on the day so it ended up going unmarked. Whilst putting together this post however I have been reflecting on how much I have enjoyed bringing Headless Greg to life over the last couple of years. And I am determined to make this coming year the best yet!