The Fathers Day Gift Guide

As there is now just under a week to go until Fathers Day (it takes place on Sunday the 18th of June, in case you had forgotten) I thought it was about time I put together a classic gift guide. Dads are known for being tricky to buy for but if you know the right places to shop, it's easy to find an original gift and creative card to match.

Let's start with the essential part - the card! Unsurprisingly, all of my top picks this year come from 3 of my favourite brands - Ohh Deer, Wrap Magazine and Katie Leamon. Whether you are looking to celebrate your dad's brilliance or simply take the piss out of him, the 3 brand's varied collections have all intentions covered...

"Best Dad" Card | £2.50 | Wrap Magazine

Uber Dad Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer

Wrinkly Bastard Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer

Superhero Card | £3.50 | Katie Leamon

Fathers Day Fish Card | £3.25 | Katie Leamon

"You Rule!" Foil Mini Card | £3.50 | Wrap Magazine

"Dad Joke Tho" Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer

Epic Battle Card | 50p | Ohh Deer

Now, onto the gifts! Just like with my Mothers Day Gift Guide, it's impossible to put together a list of things every father will like (and again, if your dad wants a big bunch of flowers or a bottle of perfume on his special day then that is what he should get!) but I hope that the list includes enough variety to spark inspiration. Dad's come in all shapes and size but lucky gifts do to!

An added bonus with each of the gifts in my guide is that they are all either something to where or something for the home and so will act as a daily reminder that you are definitely their favourite child! 

Ron Plant Pot | £39.95 | Wrap Magazine

Bob Cushion | £29.95 | Ohh Deer

"Mr. Clever" Coaster | £2.95 | Ohh Deer

Geometric Print | £30 | Katie Leamon

Wire Wall Antelope Head | £32 | Oliver Bonas

Dinosaur Skull Pin Badge | £7 | Vector That Fox

Scandi Woodland Notebook | £4.95 | Ohh Deer

Geom Socks | £11.23 | Odd Pears

P.S. Dad if you are reading, you're gift is not amongst this selection but I got you something good I promise!