Dreamday Pattern Journals

A new set of collectable notebooks by Laurence King encourage you to see what happens when you let your mind wander. In the journals, blank pages are interspersed with intricately patterned puzzles for you to colour in-whilst waiting for inspiration to strike. 

Each of the 4 notebooks (and the delicate patterns within them) are inspired by a different place and era. I have the Manhattan: Art Deco and Florence: Renaissance notebooks. Both their tactile covers include beautiful geometric designs which are echoed in their metallic and neon endpapers. If you are anything like me, you'll find the best ideas for to you when you aren't searching for them and so these notebooks will be the ideal fit! By distracting yourself exploring the vast geometric mazes inside the journals, your mind has a chance to stroll away to the weirdest and most wonderful depths of your imagination, whilst your hands get to indulge in the nostalgic art of colouring-in.

With activity-book-style titles like Wreck This Journal and Do Big Small Things becoming increasingly popular on the design scene, there is a clear trend in books having to be more interactive to replicate the experience younger, more technologically-minded generations are used to. And these conceptual notebooks see this exciting trend spreading into the world of luxury stationery. There are countless apps to help you organise and plan your life and sketch out ideas in but none can replicate the youthful sensation or calming advantages of escaping into a world of colouring-in. Technology can offer us an awful lot in the way organisation but the Dreamday Journals show that paper can still give pixels a run for their money!

You can shop the entire Dreamday Journal range here.