Dream Decor by Will Taylor

Since launching in 2009, Bright.Bazaar - Will Taylor’s positivity-fuelled design blog - has grown to become on of the best known blogs in the world and one of the happiest places on the internet! Dream Decor, Will’s brand new design book, carries his signature make-you-smile style into a big, beautiful and extremely colourful coffee table book.

Showcasing a wide range of cheerful interiors from across the globe, Dream Decor includes just over 250 thick pages of visual inspiration and handy hints and tips. The book is split into two sections and kicks off with a Dream Elements - a guide to each of the key components for pulling together a successful interior. Covering everything from colour choices to pattern and furnishings, the section doesn’t simply show you how to recreate a style but rather aims to spark fresh ideas within the reader and ultimately turn your next decorating project from an overwhelming task to an exciting challenge. 

The second part of the book is all about style. From chic Parisienne houses to industrial London lofts, comfy coastal cottages to calming Scandi homes, the book’s second half shows that Will’s beloved make-you-smile style comes in all different forms. At it’s core, Dream Decor is all about creating your fantasy home wherever you are and whatever your budget and identifying your personal style in the first step along this path. 

Despite the variety within this section, all of the styles shown do share a common thread of cool, contemporary design. In my favourite section, Curios Collector, for example, all of collector Martin Bourne’s various flea market finds, statement pieces and clashing patterns are paired back with bright white walls and vivid flashes of colour create a calm and uplifting apartment. Similarly, in Hollywood Chic, natural materials and juxtaposed with luxurious finishes and touches of glamour to create spaces which appear upmarket yet comforting. In a nutshell, the collection of interior images and ideas and shows how best to create a space which let’s you showcase what you’re most passionate about whilst keeping your home calm and comfortable. 

One of the fist images in the book is of Will’s old London apartment - a quintessential example of his iconic make-you-smile style. The following pages throw the style’s parameters wide open and show how anyone and everyone can have a creative and happy home. And as you travel along the whistle-stop tour of some ridiculously inspiring interiors from all around the world, details will spark an interest and ideas begin to form until - as the book reaches it’s completion - you are ready to take on the challenge of making your own decor dreams come true.

You can pick up a copy of Dream Decor here | brightbazaarblog.com