Diaries for Designers

It's November and the year is officially drawing to a close. The majority of my minds at the moment is taken up by Christmas and getting all the other projects I am currently working on wrapped up by the end of the year however a tiny slither of my brain is thinking ahead to 2017. With multiple projects and deadlines on the go at once, it is important for creatives to have something well designed (and aesthetically pleasing) to organise their lives in so today I thought I would round up some 2017 diaries which are perfect for designers, starting with the 2 which I will be using...

The lovely folk over at Ohh Deer saw how obsessed I was with their A/W notebooks range and were kind enough to send over a few of their diaries from the collection for me to use next year and, of course, share my thoughts with you here. I plan to use both which might seem a little over the top but I think it will make things much easier: the dark palm week-to-view planner will be for forward planning (i.e. scheduling blog posts, future deadlines and event dates) and the blue day-to-view diary will be used to plan what I am doing in the short term (i.e. daily to-do lists and last minute plans). The inside spread are designed ideally for both uses with the leafy diary sleekly designed with just a small section for each day in order for you to to be overwhelmed by too many demanding plans and the blue pages having lots of lines for your many to-do items - I do love a good list!

Of course, for designers, the little design details are just as important as the diary's function - and Ohh Deer's range have plenty to keep the eye entertained as your mind worries about juggling all your deadlines. They feature tactile linen covers with copper foil detailing and metallic edges to add a little bit of class to proceedings. I'm big on Christmas and so always dread the January lull which follows it. However, I am so excited to get to use these two stunners, they will definitely help me with my post-Christmas blues as I plan on creating and writing about things just as beautiful as they are.

As you might have noticed, I love these Ohh Deer diaries but if you fancy something a bit different, here is a selection of other diaries which caught my eye...



I Made It With My Bum Journal | £14.95 | Ohh Deer

Gold Marble Diary | £30 | Oliver Bonas

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 23.08.25.png

Gold Kraft Planner | £14 | Paperchase

Memphis Diary | £23 | Oliver Bonas

Midnight Planner | £28.95 | Ohh Deer