Diana Beltran Herrera

Originally from Colombia, Diana Beltran Herrera now lives in Bristol where she works as an artist, designer and paper-craft extraordinaire. 

Diana is represented by WE ARE GOODNESS, creative agency and sister company to Inkygoodness (an online platform showcasing the best in graphic art and illustration where I worked as blog editor before starting Headless Greg). Other artists on WE ARE GOODNESS' impressive international rostra of talent include MuxxiKristyna Baczynski and Marijke Buurlage.

The natural world acts as a constant source of inspiration for Diana, looking to address humanity's relationship with the nature in much of her work. Mimicking repetition and pattern found in nature, Diana's mind-bogglingly intricate artworks come as close to replicating the real thing as humanly possible.

In fact, Diana's flock of feathered friends are so truly life-like, I don’t know how surprised I would be if one of them took flight. How impossible is it really? With the ingenious level of skill which goes in to creating each bird, I am sure mastering the science/ magic it would take to bring them to life would be a doddle.