Cristina BanBan


Continuing my mini-tour of Barcelona best creative talent, today I am excited to share the amazing work painter Cristina BanBan. Cristina was born in Barcelona, now lives in London and has exhibited her vibrant, colourful artworks all around the globe. 

In particular, I love the way Cristina paints people. Hunched backs and awkwardly elongated legs, hot pink pants and socks with sandals; there is always an element of oddness and human eccentricity in each of Cristina's portraits. The abstract, painterly backdrops give Cristina plenty of space to express herself whilst slightly more realistic, fed-up faces hold a very different kind of expression. Each of these quirky details adds another layer of interest and work towards creating a unique and thoroughly entertaining portfolio of work. 

I visited Barcelona's Picasso Museum earlier in the week and elements of Cristina's work - the abstracted poses and bold brushstrokes - remind me a little of Picasso's later, more iconic work. And, as controversial as this may sound, I definitely prefer Cristina's work! Perhaps it is just I am a bigger fan of contemporary art but hopefully it is a sign that Cristina will go on to have similar success. The Cristina BanBan Museum is an excellent name for a gallery and it ever becomes a reality then next time I will definitely be skipping Picasso's and spending all of my time there!