Coucou Suzette

Selling an assortment of quirky accessories featuring boobs, butts and burgers, Coucou Suzette is one of the most stylish and fun shops on the online high street today! Coucou Suzette's creator, Parisian jewelry designer and photographer Juliette, thanks boobs for the creation of her business as it was the popularity of a photo of a booby ring she shared that prompted her to open her own online store. 

Pins and patches - Coucou Suzettes staple items - seem to be having a bit of a moment in fashion just now and Juliette's are definitely the most unique designs I have seen. Here are 8 of my favourite eccentric accessories from the Coucou Suzette collection...

My inner shopping addict (which has been sorely neglected whilst I've been travelling) was the main inspiration behind this post and is also telling me I need at least one Coucou Suzette accessory in my life. I don't think I could pull off a boob earrings but I am very tempted by the eye patch and burger pin. Knowing me, I will probably end up with both!