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French Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few artful highlights from my trip to France. I spent the first couple of weeks travelling around France, visiting Montpellier, Vioron, Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse and Carcassonne and along the way my lucky little eyes were treated to many colourful and inspiring sights. I really want to write about my time in both Spain and France and share more on the artists I found and things I learnt whilst away but for now (as it is already almost a month since I got home) here are a few of my things I miss about France...

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Goodbye Barcelona!

As you may have guessed from title, I have now said my goodbyes after spending 2 amazing months in the beautiful, bohemian city of Barcelona. I feel so lucky to have got to live in such a creative city for 2 entire months and can't wait to visit again one day. My main objective for the trip was to get into better creative habits which I have definitely done as I am now drawing, collaging, taking photos, writing and just generally creating on a much more regular basis - a habit I am determined to keep up when I am back in Glasgow!

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Hello Barcelona!

Today I am finally getting round to properly writing about something I have been doing for an entire month now - living in Barcelona! I am now 1 month in to a 2 month stay in Barcelona and feeling very lucky to be able to call this beautiful bohemian city my temporary home. So why am I in Barcelona? The short answer is "I'm here for an adventure!". The slightly longer answer is, I have come to Barcelona with a few creative friends for a couple of months dedicated to writing, designing, blogging and generally being creative!

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