Barcelona Street Art

Today's Barcelona-inspired blog post is all about the city's incredible street art. With walls featuring everything from cartoons to life-like portraits, bold geometric designs to stylish illustrations, wandering around the streets of Barcelona feels like visiting the most diverse art exhibition you could ever imagine. 

Now that I have been here for a wee while, I have started to notice artworks from the same artists cropping up around the city. Spotting the same big cartoonish snails quickly spraypainted on a wall always brings a smile to my face whilst seeing the incredibly skilled work of a local portrait artist (like the piece above) always makes me stop for a longer look. If you want to plan a more intense boost of visual inspiration then I would recommend heading taking a walk around the outside of Barcelona Zoo - that is where all the photos in this post and many more were taken!

It is safe to say that Barcelona has lots of things that Glasgow doesn't - sun, sea, sand and palm trees to name just a few - but street art isn't actually one of them. I have seen tonnes of amazing graffiti back home but just never to bothered to document it. When you are in a new setting it is so easy to absorb culture compared to appreciating it in the city you grew up in but I hope my little break from Glasgow lets me view it in a more inspiring light upon my return. I am becoming very used to my daily dose of street inspiration and shouldn't let a less sunny climate stop me from getting my fix!