August Favourites 2017

Welcome to the second edition of my new monthly favourites column! This time (as you might have guessed) we’ll be taking a look back at all my favourite things from the month of August...


August has always been one of my favourite months as it’s birthday month. I know you are probably supposed to grow out of it but I don’t think I will ever get tired of a day devoted to people showering you wish gifts, singing you songs and feeding you cake all because you managed to survive another year. 

This birthday was extra special because it was the first Birthday I have ever spent abroad. My Birthday was the first day of a week I spent in a Spanish villa with some of my best friends. Celebrations included swimming/ fannying around in the pool, drinking rainbow cocktails, eating all the tapas, being sang “Happy Birthday” by an entire restaurant of people and singing karaoke - very different from my past Birthdays and one of my best ever!

Here are a few of my August highlights....


Sandra Dieckmann Goodies

I don’t know if it is because I blog about her work so much or because I have bought so many things from her before or she was just feeling generous but my latest order from Sandra Dieckmann came with a free greetings card and little print both of which I of course loved. In my last favourites I mentioned another Sandra-related blog post I had on the way and it is still happening so keep an eye out for it.

The Riso Club

The favourite blog-related item I received in the post came from Risotto Studio who sent me the first 2 issues of there print subscription service. As a member of The Riso Club, you receive 4 prints by 4 different artist each month as well as a whole heap of other riso-benefits. The package also turned into one of my favourite blog post of the month which you can read here.


Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud

My tropical obsession has now even bled in to the books I have been reading and reviewing with Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud being the most on trend picturebook I have ever read. Following the story of an unlikely but very practical friendship between a lonely raincloud and a young florist, the book is super stylish and charming too! You can read my full review here.


More Tropical

I’m including the tropical trend as a favourite of mine again this month as not only have I blogged about it (in the form of a tropical shopping guide and botanical bedroom moodboard) but I got lots of amazing tropical birthday presents too. Once it is complete with my new monkey cushion, flamingo bowl leafy fairy lights, my new flat is going to feel like a bloody jungle.


Christmas Cards

In my opinion, it is never too early to start talking about Christmas but this week was the first time I actually start planning properly. I have been jotting down ideas for all my Christmas blog content (there going to be a lot of it again!) and scribbling down some designs for my 2017 Christmas cards too. I won’t reveal the design yet but they might just include the little character above.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 01.43.27.png

Preppy Tailoring 

I am very in to all the 80’s inspired colour blocking a smart-casual tailoring trend in men’s fashion at the moment. Someone once described my outfit as “preppy” and I liked it a lot so ever since then I have been trying to replicate that vibe in everything I buy. Spain was the first time in years I had worn anything but skinny jeans and it is a lot more interesting and comfortable so I plan to do a lot more of it and I might even do a bit of fashion blogging soon too…

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 01.52.28.png


This will probably be the final time I include any sort of sport in my illustrated favourites series so enjoy it whilst it lasts. I definitely spent as much time if not more fanny around with inflatables in the pool but I did also do some swimming too.

Breakfast Ice Cream

I think it is really only acceptable to have ice cream for breakfast if you are on holiday or it’s your Birthday and this I had both excuses! Perhaps some people reach the stage of thinking salted caramel ice cream at 9 in the morning is unappealing but not me.

atypical-trailer1 copy.jpg


Both on the plane on the way to Spain and whilst taking some cooling down time during my stay, I binged the first series of Atypical on Netflix. Atypical is a Netflix original series about a teenage boy with Autism who decides he wants to start dating and looks at how that affects both him and his family. It’s clever, emotional and really funny. Definitely worth a watch!


You by Dodie

Whilst I have watched her vlogs for quite a while, I hadn't actually listend to any of Dodie’s music until the release of her new EP You a few weeks ago. I immediately fell in loved with all the songs, especially Secret For The Mad - a song about mental health and how difficult but possible it is get through rough patches. If you listen to one song this month, that would be my pick.

Tschabalala Self at the Tramway

My most cultured day in August was the one I spent visiting exhibitions around Glasgow, my favourite of which was Tschabalala Self’s show at The Tramway. Looking at how black women are portrayed in the media, the exhibition was as thought provoking as it was expressive and colourful. The show is over now but you can see more of Tschabalala’s work here.


Design Sponge

Whilst I have never written one myself, blog posts about blogging are some of my favourites to read. Design*Sponge recently posted a brilliant, in-depth and honest report on the current state of the blogging world. You can read the full article here and I thoroughly recommend that you do!

Overall, August has been one of my most fun months of the year so far and I won't be forgetting it any time soon (but and if I do then I have this post to remind me how great it was!) I will be back in a month with more highlights. By that time I will have started university so perhaps I will have gone full-on student and my highlights will be all ready-meals and £1 shots or maybe they will be more illustrated things I have bought - only time will tell!