Anne Laval's Story Box

Having reviewed quite a few children's books since I started blogging, I have found that the best ones are those which don't only harness the talents of fully-grown creatives but encourage creativity in their young audience too. And Anne Laval's new Story Box does this more than any title I have read before!

Part-storybook, part-puzzle, part-adventure - Story Box lets kids young and old create their own fairytale. Consisting of 20 double-sided, stunningly illustrated jigsaw pieces, the box allows you to construct an 8 foot long story of your choice. Will the witch and the king fall in love or will he be turned into a frog? Will the boy eat the poison apple and will the dwarf get eaten by the wolf? And, most importantly, will the giant bunny destroy the entire kingdom? It's all entirely up to you!

I have been a fan of Anne Laval's work for a while and this has to be her best project to date. Each of the artworks is thick with layers of texture and hidden detail which together create the perfect playground for you to let your imagination run free. And in between play sessions, why not encourage kids to keep their favourite scenes out the box and on display? After all, you are never too young to start appreciating beautiful art!

When I was a child, I always dreamt of writing and illustrating my own stories. Anne Laval's Story Box give kids the chance to do just that without having to wait until they are fully grown and her magical puzzle-pieces make the possibilities endless and fun everlasting!

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