Abi Overland

Abi Overland is an illustrator and founder of her own luxury homeware brand. Selling a range of illustrated ceramics and art prints, Abi’s online store is one of the most stylish places on the internet. If you have read the blog before you will know I am usually all about colour but the mesmerising monochrome scenes Abi conjures up always have me completely spellbound. There is such an awe-worthy amount of detail in Abi’s artworks, it’s easy find yourself getting lost in her black and white world.

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I have been a fan of Abi’s work for quite a while and have written about her stunning creations several times before. Having been following her career for a wee while, I was excited to see her unveil a brand new shop a few weeks ago. The shiny new store includes a whole range of new art prints as well as an expanded collection of ceramic pieces. The website also now comes with new branding which matches her intensely detailed yet understated style. Any of her creations would add a sophisticated statement to an interior and I particularly love her new Botanical Gardens and Eames Lounger prints.

As a proud owner of a Panther Tankard, I can honestly say that Abi’s products are as aesthetically pleasing and high quality in real life as they look in the photos. My tankard is genuinely a prized possession in my home, housed in a glass cabinet so that nothing bad could possibly happen to it. I know a few people with similarly labour intensive processes to Abi’s and I think it takes a specific creative mindset to keep it up. The amount of time, skill and energy which goes into creating each individual image is truly impressive. For Abi then to have the imagination to translate her creations into ceramics makes them even more unique and precious. Working as a design writer, I am constantly looking at illustrated products and I really haven’t seen anything quite like Abi’s collection anywhere else.

I got to interview Abi for this very blog when she first launched her business a few years ago and it has been so lovely to see how Abi has progressed as a creative since then. Not only has her business gone from strength to strength, Abi has also taken on a number of other exciting projects ranging from illustrated surf boards and tiles to book covers and murals. You can keep up with all of Abi’s creative adventures by following @abioverlandjersey on Instagram. Her carefully curated feed is looking particularly fine at the moment. Iv’e loved keeping up-to-date with all things Abi Overland through the past few years and can’t wait to see what she does next!


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