The Rainbow Wishlist

The rainbow has been a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride ever since Gilbert Baker designed the iconic rainbow flag 40 years ago. Fun fact: the original flag design had 8 colours rather than 6. Each hue had its own meaning; pink was for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic, blue for peace and violet for spirit. Nowadays the official pride rainbow has 2 less colours but is more popular than ever, used to decorate celebrations during pride season all over world.

To celebrate the iconic symbol of pride, today I have a little rainbow-themed wishlist to share. Here are 10 items which will help you inject a bit of rainbow-colour into your life...

Artist Paint Pin | £12 | Present & Correct

Rainbow Neon Light | £15 | Urban Outfitters

A5 Notebook | £11 | Department Store

"Yes" Typographic Print | £6 | Howkapow

Alphabet Stickers | £3 | Present & Correct

"As I Am" Tee | $38 | Poketo

A5ish Arthouse Notebook | £9.95 | Ohh Deer

Make Your Own Luck | £20 | Kate Moross

Colour Bingo Card | £4 | Present & Correct

Rainbow Keyring | £8.85 | Ohh Deer

Tomorrow I have one final pride-themed post to share and I think it might be my favourite so far so be sure to check back for that!