91 Magazine’s first print issue

Having stumbled upon 91 Magazine a few months ago, binged all of their back issues online and pre-ordered their latest - I was more than a little excited to receive my copy of their first ever print issue a few weeks ago. The 100 page journal is a visual feast of creativity containing a whole host of tutorials, articles and tours to inspire you to better your life through creativity. 

My favourite part of any interiors magazine is always the home tours and 91's new issue has plenty to offer. First up, a tour of homeware designer Sian Zeng’s studio which offers practical advice on how to run an efficient and organised studio as well as how to breath life into the space where you work such as infusing it with natural elements and surrounding yourself with likeminded creatives.

There is plenty to discover nosing around Nina van de Goor’s bright, pattern-filled home too. The images and text together tell the story of how Nina turned her unremarkable house into a functional, creativity-fueled home. From the adventurous, happy living room to one of the most stylish kid's bedrooms you will ever see, each space has a fascinating story behind it, many of which Nina was kind enough to share.

Tours aren't the only great thing about the new issue, there are also contemporary craft tutorials which show you how to make products which wouldn't look out of place in a high-end boutique at a fraction of the price and interactive elements like instagram hashtags for styling and sharing your magazine (like Katherine Dorrington who shared this beautiful shot, top left) so everyone can be involved in the 91 fun.

And they save one of the best bits till last as the issue closes with “Gasping For Creativity”, a brilliant article by Meredith Crawford which brainstorms some ideas on how to beat creative block. Meredith’s wise words are the perfect end to a must-read for any creative.

In a time filled with blogs, vlogs and a never-ending stream of social media, it could easily be questioned why a successful online publication would want to move in to print. However, flicking through 91's pages it is clear that this a whole new type of magazine. Bringing together a solid structure of intelligent articles and quality photography with fresh interactive elements, the 91 team have created a unique publication and a modern classic of the magazine world.

You can order a copy of 91 Magazine here.