9 Nature-inspired Decorating Ideas

Putting up decorations is an annual event for me and my family and friends it always kicks off (even in some small form) on the 1st of December and slowly builds until it is as close to a Winter wonderland as humanly possible! I love a bit of bright, colourful decor to try and capture the joy of Christmas but this year I am also loving the more neutral, nature-inspired palettes and have found lots of ideas for green touches to to add a bit of class and calm to festive proceedings. So, this Christmas, why not try decorating with...

Acorns + Candles | So Lebich

Photographic Bunting | Awakened By Sunrise

Intricate Paper Snow | Nordic Design

A Mistletoe Advent Calendar | The Merry Thought

Clay Ornaments | Say Yes

Wire Stars | So Lebich

A Floating Forest | Nordic Design

Groups of Mini Wreaths | Homey Oh My