7 LGBTQ+ Designers

As it's officially Pride Month, all this week I have a whole host of pride-themed blog posts. My aim is to celebrate the rainbow community - I learnt this term whilst researching the content and I like it alot - in all it's glory, starting with a list of some of my favourite LGBTQ+ creatives...


Kate Moross

As anward-winning multi-tasking illustrator, art director, director and designer, it seems there are truly no limits to Kate Moross' talents! Kate burst onto the creative scene back in 2008 with a love for colourful and strong DIY attitude. A decade later,  they have worked on countless incredible projects and collaborations, launched Studio Moross and written Make Your Own Luck - one of my favourite ever books! Only time will tell the amazing things Kate will achieve in the next ten years.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 22.17.38.png

Frances Cannon

Melbourne-based artist Frances Cannon's work is made up of an addictive blend of quirk, sweetness and hilarity. Earlier in the month, she marked Pride Month with an Instagram post of a rare rainbow illustration accompanied by a caption telling her own queer story. The heartwarming post included a thought-provoking reminder...

“I also want to remind everyone that it is a privilege to feel safe to be openly queer, and this pride month (and always) to keep in mind LGBTQIA+ people who are unsafe.”

- Frances Cannon

Containing equal parts heart and humour, Frances' inky illustrations are impossible not to fall in love with. And with new doodle uploaded regularly, here gorgeous Instagram feed is definitely work a follow. 


Jamie Mitchell + Mark Callaby

My 3rd and 4th LGBTQ+ artists come in the form of one of the most successful power couples in the stationery industry. Mark Callaby and Jamie Mitchell launched Ohh Deer in 2011 as a design blog which quickly developed into a shop selling the work of 10 of their favourite illustrators. Since then, Ohh Deer has grown into a global brand with 2 bricks and mortar stores and a stationery subscription service to it's name.

Ohh Deer's was actually the first blog I ever wrote for years ago and I have enjoyed seeing how the company has grown ever since. Their commitment to supporting artists is second to none and it is always exciting to see who they will be collaborating with next!


Will Taylor

Interior designer and blogger Will Taylor has forged an impressive career path by making people smile through design. Bright Bazaar was launched in 2009 and is without a doubt one of the most stylish and cheerful places on the internet! With a passion for bright colour, Will is on a mission to spread his make-you-smile style all around the world! As well as sharing a wealth of design inspiration and knowledge, Will also uses the space to share snippets of his personal life, including the love story between Will and his "heartmate".

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 22.16.09.png

Cute Brute

Instagram artist Cute Brute has gathered an impressive following by sharing uniquely humorous illustrations. Cute Brute creates sleek, vector-style illustrations featuring a cast of mainly-male characters getting up to all sorts. From 2 perky bottoms eating spaghetti to 2 men sharing a cheeky kiss on top of some manner of caterpillar-cloud, Cute Brute artworks always contain an element of the unexpected. And as they only exist on Instagram with no non-nickname associated with the account, there is also an air of mystery around the illustrations which makes them all the more intriguing.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 22.52.04.png

Timothy Goodman

The full version of LGBTQ+ is LGBTTTQQIAA, the last A of which stands for Ally. Like with any moment, it is also important that those who are not directly effected show their support for the cause. And no one is a bigger ally to the LGBTQ+ creative community than designer Timothy Goodman. Timothy is constantly striving to encourage diversity within the industry at design events and through his typographic work. The inky design above is a prime example of his wonderful and uplifting work! "People Love People" - isn't is just as simple as that?

Obviously, there is an endless list of LGBTQ+ artists I could have included in this post and these are just a small selection of some of my favourites. Just like with the lists of female illustrators and bloggers I wrote to celebrate International Women's Day, I plan on updating this list at least once a year with more incredible creatives! 

I look forward to continuing to celebrate the communities boundless creativity year after year but first I still have a bunch more posts to come this week. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I am very excited for what's to come and hope you will be too!