3 DIY ideas from Decorate For A Party

Back in October when I first got my hands on a copy, I became utterly obsessed with Leslie Shewring and Holly Becker's latest collaborative title Decorate for a Party and over the past weeks my love for the book hasn't faded one little bit. As it is without a doubt the most joyful time of year, Christmas is also the best time to throw a party and so today I am sharing 3 simple DIY Ideas from the book to help you throw a stylish gathering this Christmas...

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One of the highlight of any Christmas day is of course the food and with the book's block-printed napkins tutorial, you can make the experience of sitting down for your festive feast as stylish as it is delicious! Low budget, high impact, this elegant, monochrome craft is a prime example of the simple yet effective ideas which fill the pages Decorate For a Party. Gold touches and natural embellishments add a hint of class to proceedings whilst the fact that each napkin is designed uniquely adds a personal touch and helps make your Christmas gathering all the more meaningful.


A festive DIY with a graphic twist, this typographic garland is a simple and elegant addition to your home. And the variations are endless, you could opt for a short and sweet slogan such as "Joyeaux Noel" like Leslie and Holly did or go all out with"It's the most wonderful time of the year" or "we need a little Christmas cheer". I haven't decided which I will go with yet but I am sure I need at least one garland hung in my home and think I will be trying the book's tutorial for the tassled paper tree too!

Personalised Gift Wrap

Out all of three DIYs in this mini round-up, there is most room for experimentation in this last craft. And it's simple too, all you need to do is gather together a selection of washi tapes, papers, ribbons and strings in a mix of festive colours and go wild embellishing to your heart's content! In a short space of time, you can create bespoke gift wrap which is as personal as the gift inside. 

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Photo Credits: All images taken from Decorate For A Party with permission from publisher.