21 things whilst I'm 21


    As I am always far too depressed that Christmas is over to make New Year resolutions, I think new-age resolutions are a much better fit for me. I turned 21 a couple of Saturdays back and have now entered my 22nd year with many, many new goals. The grand plan for the year as a whole is to balance out how much time I spend time on writing and designing and also do lots, lots more of both! This is a bold but vague statement, so to make things a lot clearer in my own mind (we all know what happens when my heads gets confused and overfilled), I have drawn up a list of 21 things I want to achieve whilst I am 21...

    1. Interview some fellow bloggers on my site
    2. Start a newsletter
    3. Learn how to take good photos on my new Olympus E-PL7
    4. Be better with Instagram and Twitter
    5. Do the 100 Days of Instragram challenge
    6. Do Inktober, the 30 days of drawings challenge or both!
    7. Complete the creative collaborations I am working on.
    8. Dip my toe back in the world of Graphic design
    9. Write and illustrate a story
    10. Spend at least one day a week out of the house being creative 
    11. Got to at least one exhibition a month
    12. Write for new blogs
    13. Get my writing in print 
    14. Enter some design competitions
    15. Learn how to do hand-lettering well
    16. Learn at least 3 new design skills
    17. Take a trip abroad and soak up some culture
    18. Stick to a blog schedule 
    19. Exercise more 
    20. Draw, doodles, scribble, create something every single day!
    21. Launch the next part of the Headless Greg masterplan 

    So I now have 21 concrete goals for whilst I am 21! Some are a little mysterious but will become much clear in time as I will share my progress with each of them her on the blog. I hope to look back next August having achieved all of my goals, with my dream creative lifestyle blog and design portfolio exactly how I want them and completely content with the world. Of course, it is far more likely that even if I do achieve all 21 goals (which I am cautiously optimistic I will!), by that time I will have at least 22 new goals to set myself. But hey, that is future Greg's problem! For now, I will leave it here because, as you can clearly see, I have a lot to be getting one with!