2018 Fashion Trends

I am slightly fascinated by design trends. The design gods  decide what colour, pattern or style should be in this season and as if by magic it's suddenly everywhere. I know there is more too it than that but there is always something mysteriously magical about the way a design trend can explode in popularity. 

Both when designing and shopping there is always a debate as to how wise it is to be taken in by trends. Personally, I have no problem with going all in. For every 1 trend I love, there are usually at least 10 I can't stand so when one does come along that I like I have the habit of getting a little obsessed. Last year for example I was completely taken in by the extremely popular tropical trend which swept the design world. I bought everything leafy and animal themed I could find and I don't regret thing!

Fashion is something I am becoming increasingly interested in and keen to write about. As it is the most trend-driven design sector of all, I thought today I would round up a few men's fashion trends I have been loving recently...


Yellow... It's Me

So far 2018 has been the year of yellow. Arguably the biggest design trend of the year so far - and definitely the one I have become most obsessed by - yellow's popularity has sky-rocketed across all areas of design. Rumoured to be replacing millennial pink as the young generation new favourite hue, yellow's reign may just be getting started. 

Minimal Backpack | £49.99 | Zara

Yellow's popularity is surprising in some ways as it has always been considered quite a controversial colour. The marmite colour is considered something you either suit or you don't. To counteract this, the design world has been playing with a range of shades to try and appeal to as large an audience as possible. 

Cord Jacket | £49.99 | Pull&Bear

Personally, bright sunshine yellow's and dark mustards are my things. Paler shades and lemons don't interest me at all - I want it bright and bold or not at all. My love of the colour has gotten so intense that over the summer I have purchased a backpack, t-shirt, jumper, shoes, jacket and pair or socks all in the similar hues. If I get my hands on a pair of mustard trousers, I have a the potential for an extremely trendy but ridiculous looking all-yellow outfit. 


The Preppy Tuck

Believe it or not, you don't always need to spend a lot of money to stay up to date with design trends. Some on-trend fashion looks can be achieved simply by styling what you already have. This season it's all about the tuck. Following on from tucking your trendy tees in this Summer, now it's time to do the same with your jumpers and sweatshirts. It might sound like an odd trend, but it creates a clean, tailored yet comfortable look when done correctly.

Knitted Sweater | £25.99 | Zara

As someone who's style is most often described as "preppy", this trend is right up my street. As a seasoned tucker, my advice would be tuck from the front to the back, and then loosen from the sides. And always remember to loosen a little - no one likes too tight a tuck.


That Side Stripe

But what should you be tucking your jumpers into? A pair of trousers with a stripe down the side of course! Another design trend all about creating clean cut lines, the side stripe is very much in and I for one am a big fan. Tucked into a plain white tee or thin jumper, the side-stripe makes any outfit look that touch preppier, something I am always keen for. 

Tapered Trousers | £30 | Burton

There's lots of variety within this particular trend too. You can opt for a slightly more casual slightly-sporty look with a draw string pair, go classic with a monochrome variation or make a statement with brightly coloured check. Whatever you go for, make sure you keep rotating to show off the leg-lengthening stripe. 


The Cuban Collar

Loose-fitting Shirt | £25.99 | Zara

Everyone knows pretty much all design trends at being recycled from a part generation. Everything comes back into fashion at some point. So it's not surprising that the 50s Cuban collar has recently made a resurgence. Adding a touch of vintage charm to an outfit, Cuban collared shirts are sharp on their own and can be dressed down with the simple addition of a white t-shirt as a plain, preppy under layer. 


Printed Shirts

As you might have noticed, my taste in fashion is a little more subdued than what I go for when it comes to illustration. When looking for new artwork to buy with for example, I am all about intricate detail and texture but when putting together an outfit I think more about shape and structure. That said, I think if all the over elements are quite clean cut, you can through a patternful wildcard into the mix.

Jungle Shirt | £19.99 | Pull&Bear

When it comes to anything from shirts to shorts, the trendiest pattern of all at the moment is for sure the stripe. However, the all-over-print shirt has no boundaries and this particular trend has encompassed everything from tropical leafy motifs to painterly patterns. Colour-wise too, you can find every variation, my preferred being my beloved a Autumnal tones - a palette I cannot wait to start wearing again very soon.


Men’s Jewellery

The concept of men's jewellery in itself isn't new but it does seem to be becoming more and more popular. Most high street fashion brands now carry their own line of men's jewellery of some description. In general, there has been a shift towards making all fashion more gender neutral and I think the increase in jewellery's popularity comes from this fresh mindset. In fact, with accessories like jewellery it feels as though we should all just be shopping from the same collections but this is certainly a good start!


Geometric Rings | £8.50 | Topman  |||||  Triangle Necklace | £24 | DesignB

As I am piercing-free and feel like bracelets would annoy me, rings and necklaces are my jewellery of choice. However, even though lots more fashion brands are stocking them it is still surprisingly hard to find pieces I actually like. Knuckles covered in gold animals heads and necks draped in chunky chains is not my idea of fashion. I have found a few I like though. I would recommend shopping at DesignB, ASOS and Topman for those minimalist metallic finishing touches to an outfit. 


Millennial Pink

The final trend in today's round-up has already proven it has much more longevity than most. Millenial pink has been going for years and still doesn't seem to be fading. Fun fact: trendspotters believe initial boom in pink's popularity is believed to be down to the release of Wes Anderson's 2014 film The Grand Budapest hotel. The film's lush pink-hued sets kickstarted a trend which has outlasted all predictions and has since been renamed "millennial pink". There are murmurs that yellow is going to take pink's place as the millennial hue of choice but I don't think it still has some life left in it. 

Graphic T-shirts | £22 | Bad Mondays

Pink is no longer just for girls (in fact, nothing is) and I love it! You can of course fully embrace the popular hue and go all-over pink or you can go for something slightly more subtle and illustrative. Bad Monday's are one of my favourite independent apparel brands, selling a distinctive line of tattoo inspired tees and sweatshirts. Their comic book style graphics offer a unique take on this popular trend and will make a statement about your style even if pink's popularity does plummet. 



We've now reached the end of this particular fashion trend round-up. And as I look back on it, I realise all of these trends actually work together. Start with a sleek pair of side-striped trousers, tuck in a boldly-patterned, Cuban-collared shirt and finish of with a yellow jacket and a few pieces of minimal jewellery and you'll have the perhaps the most on trend outfit I can think of. In fact, I own that outfit and I plan on wearing it very soon! Another thing I plan on doing before long is more fashion blogging so check back soon for more.