Goodbye 2017!

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As it is the final day of 2017, I thought today I would take a little time to look back on some of my highlights from the past year. Whilst in a more global scale 2017 has been (let’s be honest) a bit of a shit show, for me personally it has been my best yet. From the little things like design trends I have been obsessed with and beautiful books I have read to slightly bigger things like my travels in Europe and starting at art school - the year has been filled with highlights!

Here is a list of some of my favourite things from the absolute beauty of a year that was 2017…

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Design Trend | Tropical

Let's start with my most bloggery highlight of 2017 - my favourite trend! The tropical trend which swept the design world this year was by far my favourite. Illustrator Jacqueline Colley (who created the pattern above) in particular created some gorgeous botanical designs. I have blogged about the trend quite a lot in 2017 and determined to keep it going into 2018 too.


Fashion Find | Winking Eyes T-shirt

This embroidered winking eye t-shirt from French Connection featured in my fashion wishlist in September and I bought it a month later. Since then, it has become my favourite item in my wardrobe! The t-shirt has also inspired me to dream up plans for a collection of my own embroidered t-shirts which I have every intention of putting into action in 2018.


Book | Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann

As she is my favourite illustrator, it is no surprise that Sandra Dieckmann's debut picturebook, Leaf ,was my favourite book of 2017! The book tells the story of a polar bear called Leaf who finds himself on an exotic island and goes to extreme, leafy lengths to try and get home. With a strong message of inclusivity, Leaf was the book 2017 needed!

Song | Secret For The Mad by dodie

Although it probably wasn't my most listened to song of 2017, Secret For The Mad by dodie was my favourite thanks to the subject matter it tackles. The song talks about mental health, reminding listeners that when they feel down, they are not alone and it is something they can get through. There is now also a book by the same name which I can't wait to read.

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Colour | Mustard Yellow

This year I have learnt that I am clearly very susceptible to trends because my favourite colour of the year is also the most on fashionable. Mustard yellow has been all over the fashion world over the fast 12 months and I have been loving it. It seems to be more in women's fashion than men's so for but I am hoping this will change with the new season.


TV Show | The Crown

Now for a less design-themed favourite. My top TV show of 2017 was The Crown. The show tells the story of the Queen coming to power and is apparently Netflix's most expensive show ever. I am currently binging series 2 am already excited for the next one. For season 3, they are jumping forward in time and recasting everyone including crowning Olivia Coleman as queen!


Collaboration | Ohh Deer

I've enjoyed working with lots of wonderful brands in 2017. Kings of quirky stationery Ohh Deer are one of my favourite online stores and I've loved creating my Papergang unboxing posts each month. My favourite Papergang box of the year came in September when they teamed up with illustrator Natasha Durley to create a "Midnight Jungle" themed box.


Job | Assistant Editor at Inkygoodness

Towards the end of this year, my blog content on Headless Greg dipped a little. This was because I had new blogger commitments as I rejoined the Inkygoodness team as Assistant Editor in September. Inkygoodness is my original blog home and it is so much fun being back! I do hope to strike a better balance between the 2 blogs in 2018 however.

City | Barcelona

I spent all of my February and March of this year in Barcelona and had an amazing time! It is beyond clichéd to say that going travelling and experiencing new cultures teaches you about yourself but I am going to say it anyway. I learnt lots during my time away and will always be grateful to the beautiful city for helping me along the way. 


Decision | Applying to Art School

Off all the decisions I made in 2017 - big and small - deciding to apply to art school was by far the best one. I am now a semester in to studying Illustration at DJCAD in Dundee and am loving it! I have been set challenges, met people and learnt skills that I never would have if I hadn't gone. I'm super excited to see what experiences lie ahead in semester 2!

2017 has been an amazing year! That said, there is no reason 2018 can't be just as good if not even better! I have lots of goals relating to both blogging and illustrating which I am hoping to achieve in the year ahead. Unusually for me though, I am not going to write a blog post about the goals. I am simply going to wait until I have actually achieved them and then write about them afterwards. All I will say for now is watch this space...