16 Female Bloggers

Last year on International Women's day I shared a list of my top ten female creative bloggers. Since then, these creative women have continued to inspire me on a daily basis and I have added a few more female-led blogs to my regular reading list. Ahead of International Women's Day 2018 (which is tomorrow, in case you didn't already know) I thought I would update my list and celebrate some of my favourite female creative bloggers once more...

Emma Jane Palin

The first new addition is my list is creative lifestyle blogger Emma Jane Palin. Fuelled by her passion for illustration, Emma covers everything from interiors to travel on her consistently on-trend design blog. One of my favourite regular series on Emma's blog is The Weekly Wall which recently featured this colourful beauty by artist James Chuter.

Furry Little Peach

Australian artist Sha'an d'Anthes - also know an Furry Little Peach - has many strings to her creative bow. Not only is she an illustrator and author but she is also a YouTuber and blogger too. The thing I admire most about Sha'an as a blogger is that she uses her online platform not just to promote her own work but to encourage and inspire others to get creative too. 

Rosh Thanki

Rosh Thanki is an award-winning trailer editor, creative lifestyle instagrammer and blogger based in London. Across her social media platforms, Rosh embraces her inner design magpie to seek out and share inspiring design details from everyday life. Her blog also allows a behind the scenes look at her enviable Instagram feed by revealing what the images looked like pre-editing.

Ella Masters

Despite being working mainly as a freelance illustrator, Ella Masters’ blog falls into the "lifestyle" category of my list of top blogs. She has used her online space to discuss a variety of topics including long distance relationships and how to be more grateful. All food for thought is accompanied by images of her beautiful illustrative work as well as some stunning photography.

Studio DIY

Run by craft-fanatic Kelly Mindell, Studio DIY is with a doubt one of the happiest places on the internet. Kelly uses her blog to share all her favourite things in life which include donuts, spirnkles, costumes and dance parties. And, the site also has a shop attached to it which stocks everything you will need to throw your own candy-coloured fiesta.

Home By Kirsty

Home byKirsty is the final new addition to my list this year. Home byKirsty is primarily a shop which sells a range of contemporary products (both online and in their Cardiff store) curated by lighting and homeware designer Kirsty Patrick. The site also features a brilliant little design blog which shares creative interviews, lifestyle posts and snippets of Kirsty's own home.

Graphique Fantastique

Moving on to the the blogs I have been a fan for of for a while, let's start with Natasha Nuttall's amazing design blog Graphique Fantastique. Posts on Natasha's blog range from chats about her love for traingles, Pantone and printing to lists of her top creative YouTubers and tutorials on how to take the perfect Instagram post. Oh and did I mention Natasha has a great YouTube channel of her own too?

Young Gold Teeth

I only discovered Emily Beeson's Young Gold Teeth a few days before I wrote last year's list when I read her post about visiting Ohh Deer's new store. As soon as I realised I was reading the blog of a fellow stationery addict I hoped it would become a new favourite. I have followed the blog ever since and it hasn't disappointed! Posts can be anything from interviews to recipes,  the only overarching theme being Emily's fresh and creative style.

Creative Boom

My morning routine would go to pieces without Katy Cowan's Creative Boom. Thanks to it's healthy supply of new content every day, they have become my go to breakfast read. Whether you are after articles about photography, graphic design or illustration, features showcasing fresh new businesses or in-depth interviews with leading creatives, it is all on offer at the Creative Boom breakfast buffet. (Image by Lisa Lloyd - one of the many designer's Creative Boom have introduced me to!)

Miss Moss

A guru of artful living, Diana Moss shares an eclectic mix of articles about fashion, illustration, design, lifestyle and motherhood on her blog. What's best about Miss Moss is you never quite know what you are going to get on any given day. It could be a piece on her favourite fashion trend of the moment or article about the TV box set she is currently bingeing. One thing is for sure - it will be undoubtedly stylish. (Image by photgrapher Itamar Freed, who I found out about through Miss Moss) 

The Jungalow

In The Jungalow, you can expect to find rooms filled with plants, pattern and plenty of colour accompanied by tips and tricks for how to create your own jungalicous interiors. Blogger, stylist and homeware designer Justina Blakeney's career seems to be growing bigger by the day and following her blog you get to tag along on all her wild design adventures.


Holly Becker has had huge success with her interior design blog Decor8 for one very good reason - her seemingly effortless style. Now head of her own online school (which I have previously studied at) and author of several excellent books, Holly's blog remains a calm and collected space for her to share her thoughts and inspirations with a growing community.


Inkygoodness was the first ever blog I wrote for and before that I was one of the first design blogs I ever read. I returned as to Inkygoodness as Assistant Editor last year and am loving being back! It's founder Lisa Hassell has been brilliant to work with over the past few years and I will also be grateful for her ongoing support!  (Image by WE ARE GOODNESS artist Muxxi).

Fran Nerd

As one of my favourite illustrators, it is no surprise that Fran Nerd's blog is one of my favourite places on the internet. On the blog, Fran Meneses shares everything from tips of how to open a successful Etsy shop to posts about her love of paper. She also has a brilliant YouTube channel where she shares similar designer delights! 

Brown Paper Bag

From weekly illustrated product round ups to article about exciting new artists, each blog post by Sara Barnes works towards proving that everything in life is better with a healthy dose of illustration - an opinion I definitely share! The image above is by Kate Appleby, one of many talented embroiderers Brown Paper Bag has featured.

91 Magazine

Last but by no means least, the 91 Magazine blog is a constant source of inspiration for me! Between issues, the blog gives readers a regular fix of stylish tutorials and interior round ups as well as sneak peaks at how the print journal is created. And having worked with them before, I know what nice, talented people it's female led team are. 

If you are wondering why this post is going up the day before International Women's Day, it's because I am planning on going bigger and better this year! I'll be back very soon to share the love for some more brilliant, creative women!