11 Stocking Filler Ideas

Question: When are you too old to hang a stocking on Christmas Eve and hope for it to be filled by the morning?

Answer: Never.

As you get older (especially if your are chasing a creative career path), it becomes all the more likely that you will have to forgo the joy of opening actual presents and have ask all your relatives for rent money for Christmas - and in this case the stocking fillers will become all the more important! Here are 11 stocking filler ideas which are guaranteed to bring a smile to any creative face this Christmas... 

"Geo Block" Brass Bookmark | £12.50 | Wrap Magazine

Tortoise Paper Clips | £7.50 | Ohh Deer

Trio of A6 Notebooks | £9 | Oliver Bonas

30 Day Happiness Challenge | £11 | Oliver Bonas

Fox Pin | £6.50 | Ohh Deer

Capugcino Travel Mug | £8.95 | Ohh Deer

"Monstera" Enamel Pin Badge | £7.50 | Wrap Magazine

War On Error Erasers | £4.95 | Ohh Deer

Arthouse Meath Chocolate | £4.50 | Ohh Deer

Handmade Soap | £5.95 | The Printed Peanut 

"Macco" Socks | £11.67 | Odd Pears


Check back tomorrow for the final day of my 12 Days of Blogmas series - I have a great post planned to finish off my festive season!