10 Stylish Valentine's Cards

As it's now just a few days away, today I'm sharing some of my top picks for buying beautifully designed Valentine's cards. Fun Fact: in Barclona (where I am currently staying), they barely celebrate Valentine's Day. Instead Barcelona makes a much bigger deal of St Jordi's Day - or La Diada de Sant Jordi - which is celebrated in April. I can't say that I will particularly miss Valentines Day as a "holiday" but I love any excuse to go shopping for illustrated stationery so here are 10 cards to help celebrate St Valentine in style...

Lobster Card  | £3.25 | Katie Leamon

Mr Mischief Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer

Bicycle For Two Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer

"You're Sweet!" Card | £2.50 | Wrap Magazine

"Fallen For You" Card | £2.50 | Wrap magazine

More Than Cats Card | £2.50 | Ashley Le Quere

Whirlwind Card | £2.50 | Sandra Dieckmann

 "Hello Handsome" Card | £3.10 | Katie Leamon

 "Happy Days" Card | £3.25 | Katie Housley


Ikea Hotdogs Card | £2.50 | Ohh Deer