There once was a boy named Greg who spent all of his days hunting for creative ideas and inspiration online and in books and magazines. Overwhelmed by what he found, Greg’s head began to overfill with ideas, growing bigger and bigger until one day it got too large and popped right off the top of his shoulders…

…Luckily it grew back but from that day on he was always known as Headless Greg. To stop this from happening again (it was not an experience he would care to repeat), Greg now shares his ideas, inspirations and creations on this glorious little website. 


About ME

Hello! I'm Greg McIndoe (or Headless Greg - whichever you prefer) and I'm a blogger, designer, illustration enthusiast, stationery lover and pizza addict based in Glasgow, Scotland. I started the Headless Greg blog in 2016 as a platform for me to celebrate the work of all the amazing creatives who inspire me as well as share my own creations and opinions.

The Headless Greg blog is all about helping you live the most creative lifestyle possible! What I share ranges from interviews with my favourite artists and reviews of new design books to lists of creative bloggers to follow and wish lists featuring products from my top independant retailers - basically anything and everything I find creative and inspiring! As well as writing about other people's creations, I make a few of my own too! 

Please stick around and explore more of my website...